Original Sources, Letters, and Documents related to the Fleek family of Hampshire, Virginia

I have re re re read Kelly [Bates Cousins]'s "Isaac Fleek" and decided I and others read it wrong, and your Isaac is not connected to Adam! So, please hurry up and connect him, so I can do a transfer, and not have to delete it all!

— Helen Benter - 2006

Fleek, Fleck, Flick, etc - Records in Hampshire, Virginia

Sources Related to Fleek families in Ohio

Sources Related to Isaac Fleek  born Aug 12, 1807 who died in Doniphan Co., Kansas April 28, 1878

Sources Related to James N Fleek, Son of James Fleek (cousin of Isaac Fleek?)  born Sept 1869 of Cowley Co., Kansas (Arrested for Murder, but later acquitted)

Sources Related to Isaac Fleek, Son of Adam Fleek who died in Grayson Co., Texas Oct 3, 1878 (or 1877)

Letter transcriptions from Helen Benter, deceased.

Other Missouri Records: