Yapp Online Users Guide
Help for Forum Hosts
Why are you a Forum Host?
You may have chosen this job, but more likely it came looking for you. You may be an online conferencing veteran, but chances are this stuff is as new to you as your potential audience. That's OK...this guide will provide the needed tips to maintain a comfortable and stimulating environment for your forum participants.

The duties of the host can vary from forum maintenance (creating/deleting topics, modifying user lists) to initiating new discussion threads to answering participant email. Whatever the task, keep in mind that the main role of a forum host is to encourage and nurture creative interaction between people with divergent views of a common goal.

Hostly Powers
Part of the host job description includes some basic housekeeping skills for keeping a tidy and efficient forum by maintaining topics. As a host, certain powers and responsibilties are yours alone.

A forum host can perform the following:

Hostly Duties
A truly effective host should be motivated to do more than just the basic janitorial functions. The process of online conferencing can be a stimulating one if care and attention are paid to creating a special place for people to congregate.

A conscientious forum host should:

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