Yapp Online Users Guide
Maintaining Forum Topics
Creating Topics
While some systems don't allow users to create topics, forum hosts always can. As a matter of fact, no one else can create any new topics until the forum host has created the first topic. Regardless, the topic creation process is the same.

  1. Make sure you have joined the forum in which you would like to start a topic
  2. Select the Enter New Topic link on the forum topic menu page (or host configuration page). You will be presented with the following:


  3. Enter the topic subject where indicated. Though there is no limit to length, the topic name should be kept short as possible while still retaining a unique identity.
  4. Enter a topic description where indicated. Be sure to hit [Return] at the end of each line. This description should also be kept brief and to the point, as this will always be displayed at the top of the topic response page. If you would like to present an extended introduction to your topic, enter it as the first response to the topic.

Killing Topics
If a topic becomes redundant or no longer useful, it may be eliminated by selecting the button, which will only appear if you are a host in the forum. This action will remove the topic file from the forum directory permanently. The kill command can not be undone. Kill commands are logged to the forum log file.

Retiring Topics
If you would like to remove a topic from current circulation, yet retain it for possible future use or archiving, select the button. This will render the topic inaccessible. The retire command can be reversed with the unretire command (see Command Line Interface). Note that this does not actually delete the item, as the kill command does. Retire commands are logged to the forum log file.

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