Named Properties

Named properties can be used when creating custom "named colors", or as part of conditions on DMX commands including for creating gauges.

Weapons Properties

The following named properties can be used to map to relevant Weapons console values:

Engineering Properties

Engineering properties use the same names as in mission scripts, as shown in the following table.

System System Heat Property Name System Energy Property Name System Coolant Property Name
Beams systemCurHeatBeam systemCurEnergyBeam systemCurCoolantBeam
Torpedoes systemCurHeatTorpedo systemCurEnergyTorpedo systemCurCoolantTorpedo
Weapons systemCurHeatTactical systemCurEnergyTactical systemCurCoolantTactical
Maneuver systemCurHeatTurning systemCurEnergyTurning systemCurCoolantTurning
Impulse systemCurHeatImpulse systemCurEnergyImpulse systemCurCoolantImpulse
Warp systemCurHeatWarp systemCurEnergyWarp systemCurCoolantWarp
Front Shield systemCurHeatFrontShield systemCurEnergyFrontShield systemCurCoolantFrontShield
Read Shield systemCurHeatBackShield systemCurEnergyBackShield systemCurCoolantBackShield