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Generation One

1. _____ TEW was born between 1520/1 and 1567, and died between 1580 and 1677.
+2i.HENRY2 TEW, b. in 1581 in Maidford, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom; d. about 1673 in Maidford; m. ELLEN _____ of Maidford, Northamptonshire, b. of Maidford, Northamptonshire about 1585, d. in England about 1660.

Generation Two

2. HENRY2 TEW (_____1), son of (1) _____ TEW, was born in 1581 in Maidford, Northampton, and died about 1673 in Maidford, Northampton. He married ELLEN _____ of Maidford, Northamptonshire, who was born about 1585 of Maidford, Northamptonshire, and died about 1660 in England. [10]
+3i.RICHARD3 TEW, b. on 15 Feb. 1606[10] in Maidford, Northampton[10]; d. on 20 March 1673[4] in St.leonards', Shoreditch, London, England[10]; m. on 21 Oct. 1633[10] in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island, United States[10] (KU-2) MARY CLARKE of Prior Hardwick, Northamptonshire, b. of Prior Hardwick[10] in 1618[10], d. in Middletown, Newport Co.[10] about 1733[4], daughter of (KU-1) William CLARKE.
4ii.JOHN TEW, b. about 1609 in Maidford, Northampton; d. about 1650.
5iii.JOHN TEW, b. in 1611 in Maidford, Northamptonshire; d. about 1650.

Generation Three

3. RICHARD3 TEW (Henry2, _____1), son of (2) Henry2 and Ellen (_____) TEW, was born on 15 Feb. 1606[10] in Maidford, Northampton[10], died on 20 March 1673[4] in St.leonards'[10] and was buried in Homestead Cem., Middletown[10]. He married in Newport[10], on 21 Oct. 1633[10], (KU-2) MARY CLARKE of Prior Hardwick, daughter of (KU-1) William CLARKE, who was born in 1618[10] of Prior Hardwick[10], died about 1733[4] in Middletown[10], and was buried in Homestead Cem.[10]. [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10]
"Tew, Richard, styled s. and heir of Henry, Portsmouth, R. I. 1640; Newport 1654, on the list of freem. 1655, was rep. and assist. is one of the grantees in the royal chart. 1663, had m. bef. com. from Eng. Mary, d. of William Clark, of Hardwic Priors, Co. Warwick, and had a d. b. 4 June 1640, on his voyage, and therefore nam. Seaborn; and Elnathan, 15 Oct. 1644; perhaps others; Seaborn m. 5 Jan. 1658, Samuel Billings; Elnathan m. 3 Nov. 1664, Thomas Harris; and Mary, prob. ano. d. m. 30 Dec. 160, Andrew Harris. "[2]
Will: "Richard Tew of Newport in Rhode Island, in New England, yeoman, and now of St. Leonard's Shoreditch, Middlesex, 19 January 1673, proved 27 March 1674. Being desirous to settle my affairs and concerns which I have in old England, my native country, according as I have already done in new England, do hereby declare &c. I give to my brother John Tew of Tossiter (Towcester) in the County of Northampton, Doctor in Physick, twenty shillings to buy him a ring to wear for my sake. The rest of my goods &c. now in old England I give unto my son Henry Tew of Newport in Rhode Island &c. yeoman; whom with my said brother John, I appoint executors; and I appoint my loving friends Edward Wharton of Salem and Joseph Nicholson of the said Rhode Island to be overseers."[6]
6i.WILLIAM4 TEW, b. in 1634 in England; d. on 3 July 1652 in Middletown; bur. in Homestead Cem.
7ii.JOHN TEW, b. in 1636 in England; d. on 9 May 1651 in Middletown; bur. in Homestead Cem.
8iii.RICHARD TEW, b. in 1638 in England; d. on 3 Oct. 1660 in Middletown; bur. in Homestead Cem.
9iv.SEABORN TEW, b. on 4 Jan. 1640[4] in Between England and North America, at sea[4]; d. about 1820[10].
10v.SARAH TEW, b. in 1642 in Portsmouth, Newport Co.; d. on 12 Nov. 1660 in Middletown; bur. in Middletown.
11vi.MARY TEW, b. on 12 Aug. 1647[4] in Newport[4]; d. in 1688[3] in Providence, Newport Co.[10].
12vii.ELNATHAN TEW, b. on 13 Oct. 1644 in Newport; d. on 11 Jan. 1711 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island; bur. between 1711 and 1719 in Providence, Providence Co.
+13viii.HENRY TEW, b. in 1654[4] in Newport[4]; d. on 26 April 1718[3] in Newport[3]; m. DORCAS PAUL, d. in Newport[3] in 1694[3].

Generation Four

13. HENRY4 TEW (Richard3, Henry2, _____1), son of (3) Richard3 and (KU-2) Mary (CLARKE) TEW, was born in 1654[4] in Newport[4], and died on 26 April 1718[3] in Newport[3]. He married DORCAS PAUL, who died in 1694[3] in Newport[3]. [3, 4]
+14i.MARY5 TEW, b. on 12 Oct. 1680[9] in Newport[3]; d. on 30 May 1752[3] in Middletown[9]; m. on 10 Jan. 1703[1] in Middletown[8] (AGT-39) WILLIAM PECKHAM of Middletown, b. of Middletown[7] on 3 Aug. 1675[3], d. in Middletown[8] on 18 Jan. 1764[8], son of (AGT-28) William, (Rev.) and (KT-11) Susannah (CLARKE).
15ii.HENRY TEW, b. about 1682; d. about 1750.
16iii.WILLIAM TEW, b. on 11 May 1683[3] in Newport[3]; d. on 5 April 1718[3] in Newport[10].
17iv.RICHARD TEW, b. in 1684 in Newport; d. about 1750 in Jamestown, Newport Co.; bur. in Rhode Island.
18v.JOHN TEW, b. about 1680/1 in Newport[3]; d. about 1700.
19vi.ELIZABETH TEW, b. about 1680/1; d. in 1769[3].
20vii.SARAH TEW, b. about 1680/1; d. about 1700.
21viii.ELISHA TEW, b. in 1691[3] in Newport[3]; d. on 23 FEB 1714/5[3].
22ix.EDWARD TEW, b. about 1680/1; d. on 18 Jan. 1702[3].

Generation Five

14. MARY5 TEW (Henry4, Richard3, Henry2, _____1), daughter of (13) Henry4 and Dorcas (PAUL) TEW, was born on 12 Oct. 1680[9] in Newport[3], and died on 30 May 1752[3] in Middletown[9]. She married in Middletown[8], on 10 Jan. 1703[1], (AGT-39) WILLIAM PECKHAM of Middletown, son of (AGT-28) William, (Rev.) and (KT-11) Susannah (CLARKE), who was born on 3 Aug. 1675[3] of Middletown[7], and died on 18 Jan. 1764[8] in Middletown[8]. [1, 3, 7, 9]
Children: See (AGT-39) William PECKHAM

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