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How do I get it?

MagiKey Family Tree is available for purchase from The MagiKey.  For questions about using this product see the online user manaual.

Issue Version 1.X is no longer available for download. Issue has been renamed MagiKey Family Tree.

Beta Test the latest Version 2 build of MagiKey Family Tree

What is it?

MagiKey Family Tree, formerly known as Issue, is a complete genealogy program.  It specializes in generating web site pages in the well-known "Register" format, such that each the page for each family is linked to other related families.  It also supports merging of GEDCOM files in a way that helps avoid losing important information.

MagiKey Family Tree 2.0 Features

For changes since version 2.0 see MagiKey Family Tree Version information


FamilySearch Compatability

Printable Web pages

How does it store data?

MagiKey Family Tree uses the GEDCOM version 5.5 format to store data.  Other genealogy programs also use this format, but with their own customizations.  MagiKey Family Tree can import and export data from any program without losing such customizations.  MagiKey Family Tree supports exporting GEDCOM files in a way that adds such customizations for the following programs:

If you use another program, you can request MagiKey Family Tree support exporting data using customizations for another genealogy program.

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