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Reading Topics
Conferencing is all about reading and writing responses to topics. Here we'll take a look at your options in reading topics.

Basic Options

The "Main Menu", "Forum Topic List", "Next Topic" options allow you to jump to the next topic in the current forum or return to the navigation menus.

starting from response number:
The "Redisplay" function allows you to view responses in the topic starting from a designated response number.

Normally when you read a topic you see all new responses since you last visited. Once you leave that topic, those responses are marked as "read" and won't be displayed the next time you visit. "Remain New" prevents the currently displayed responses from being marked as "read". "Forget Topic" hides the current topic from being listed on the Forum Topics Menu. You may still see the topic in the future by choosing "Hidden" on the Forum Topics Menu page.

Reading a Response

Response 3 of 6 total [hide] [delete]
Mon, Mar 25, 1996 (17:32)
From: (Mike Vincenty)

The header at the top of the response includes the number of the response, the date the response was created, who wrote the response and a mailto: link to the author of the response.

The [hide] [delete] options will appear if you are the author of the response (for your responses only) or the forum host (for all responses). Hiding a response will remove it from immediate view, replaced by a (Response is hidden) notice. Clicking on "hidden" will display the response. This option is useful when posting very long responses so that the user may make the decision to allocate the bandwidth and screen space for reading it. Deleting a response removes it from the system entirely.

What follows this header information is the body of the response. This may contain HTML tags including live links and images.

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