Yapp Online Users Guide
Forum Hosts
What are Forum Hosts?
Each forum has at least one host. The duties of the host vary from maintenance-only hosting which might involve clearing out old and unused topics to high-involvement hosting where the host takes an active role in encouraging and participating in the discussions. Hosts can help topics stay on the subject, answer user questions, and initiate new subjects. On some systems only hosts may create new topics, based on user suggestions.

Who are Forum Hosts?
Hosts are volunteers (or persons "volunteered") familiar with the forum subject matter and are interested in fostering an ongoing interactive dialog. Given the nature of the Internet and WWW, hosts need not work for the same company, belong to the same organization or share the same physical place. The forum hosting can be as diverse, or restricted, as desired.

Contacting Forum Hosts
There are several methods available for contacting hosts:

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