Yapp Online Users Guide
Introduction To Online Conversations

Can't talk to you,
Without talking to me.

-- Robert Hunter

Online conversation is not very different from the conversations people have been having for thousands of years. Topics are introduced, ideas are shared, and sometimes enlightenment is forthcoming. Or maybe you just learn a really fast way to reformat your hard drive. Whatever the conversation is about, the one cardinal rule to keep in mind is that you are conversing with other people, not with bits and bytes on your screen. Given that humans are imperfect creatures, a good rule of thumb is to cut slack as you would like to have slack cut for you.

What is an online conferencing system?

An online conferencing system is an electronic forum where people can meet to share ideas, ask questions, commiserate, and pontificate via a computer network.

What are forums, topics, and responses?

This conferencing system is organized in a hierarchy of forums, topics and responses.

Here's a graphic description of the structure on this conferencing system.

Limitations and Warnings

Personal Reponsibility and Community

Written by Cliff Figallo and Kathleen Watkins for Internet Literacy Consultants.
Updated for the Yapp OUG by Mike Vincenty.

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