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What Is Yapp?

Yapp 3.0 provides web-based message board services. Yapp is currently installed on Solaris, Irix, and BSDI systems and should work on any standard Unix system.

What Are Message Boards?

An online message board system is an electronic forum where people can meet to share ideas, ask questions, commiserate, and pontificate via a computer network. Unlike "chat" systems, people engaged in online forums (also called "conferences") can add to the conversation when it is convenient for them rather than at a specified date and time.

Message Boards connect people to people. It is the best way to have long-lasting conversations with other people via the web.

Why Is Yapp Cool?

Where Can I See Yapp In Action?

How Much Does Yapp Cost?

Prices for Yapp 3.0 are based on the number of users and the amount of support you want in setting up the software.

More Information

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